Thursday, June 05, 2003

I hate this feeling. I can't get anything ready to leave for my new residency because my current one isn't slowing down. I'm beginning to realize that these things don't really end, you are never finished, you just run out of time and stop. I'm leaving some pretty cool projects in my wake though. My favorite is major effort to integrate PDAs into the pharmacy dept. I've got them in everyone's hands and the current application is one way drug information. Now i want two way information exchange. We need bedside, point of care documentation and reporting...then we need to DO SOMETHING with the data. That seems to be the rate limiting step for a lot of hospital systems to demonstrate the value of the work the clinical pharmacy staff does, and improve processes. It all seems so simple until you try it.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Q- What is a phamacy residency?

A- Residencies are 1-2 year post doctoral (PharmD) programs that offer additional mentoring and training for pharmacists. They aren't required in order to get license to practice pharmacy, but faculty and specialist positions often require residency training. I'm just finishing a 1 yr pharmacy practice residency (general stuff that everyone has to do).

Q- So what is the speciality residency about?

A- According to the brochure this residency will expose me "to many areas of informatics and technology including technology essentials, data warehousing and mining, capital budgeting, project management, vendor relations, physician order entry, integration of systems, and innovation in technology." I'll also have opportunities to teach at the affiliated university, do research and get some articles published.

Q- Why am I getting into this?

A- The short answer is 'I like playing with computers'. Other than that, the pharmacy profession needs to develop informatics skills. Healthcare is increasingly turing to technology to address issues such as patient safety. Our profession must ensure that practicioners with knowledge of pharmacy operations are included in application design, testing and implementation.

Friday, May 23, 2003

T minus 45 days until my residency in pharmacy informatics and technology begins.

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